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The St. Vincent’s Open Dialogue Initiative
The Centre for Family-Based Mental Health Care
ISPS Australia
The Mental Health Commission of New South Wales

A four day Open Dialogue Teaching and Training Seminar

Open Dialogue is a resource-oriented approach to mental health, which aims at mobilising psychosocial resources in a crisis-struck person’s social network. It operates on the basis of core humanistic values of openness, social inclusion, and personal autonomy and genuine user and family involvement in the decision-making processes. Open Dialogue includes a particular dialogical approach to psychotherapy and an emphasis on organising responsive and seamless healthcare pathways.

We are presenting a four-day Open Dialogue Training Seminar where Scandinavian expert trainers will present core theoretical principles and teach Open Dialogue psychotherapeutic skills through hands-on training exercises.

The teachers are Jaana Castella and Kari Valtanen.

ISPS International Conference 2016 - Change

Making Real Change Happen

The 20th International Congress of ISPS will take place in the United Kingdom.

Wednesday 30th August – Sunday 3rd September, 2017

Plenary speakers
Jacqui Dillon
Jim van Os
Alison Brabban
Grainne Fadden
Rai Waddingham
Kwame McKenziet

Other speakers will include
Richard Bentall
Jim Geekie
Peter Kinderman
Brian Martindale
John Read